What’s solar power security camera?

Solar power security cameras are high-tech products that not only combine solar panel and security camera together, but also have a solar controller and a high capacity battery inside. Solar panel provides main power to the camera meanwhile keeps charging the battery in the day time, and the camera relies on battery to operate at night or challenging weather conditions. The solar power security camera has solar panel and controller and battery, therefore it’s able to work 24 hourly and 7days. Our solar power security cameras use a 6V 6Watt monocrystal silicon solar panel that converts sunlight into energy effciently.

Advantages of solar powered security cameras

Comparing traditional solar power solution, the products adopt all-in-one design which is more cost effective and afforable. By incorperating with Wi-Fi/4G LTE network communication, the product can provide wire-free installation. They are suitable for remote places where Internet or even electricity are not easily accessed. Our solar powered security cameras adopt high capacity battery exceeds 10000mAH, they are able to work for several months even encounter challenging weather conditions like continuous cloudy, rainy, snowy days. Intending to meet the requirement of outdoor installation, they adopts IP65 rated ingress protection design to support waterproof and dust-proof that ensure their reliability and performance. They are smart security cameras that use exclusive microwave radar/sensor for offering accurate motion detection can filter false alarms deriving from environment factors. By utilizing solar powered security cameras, you’re able to install them by yourself to save a huge installation fee, totally eliminate fee for electricity, truly maintenance-free, using eco-friendly products to save planet earth.

Your partner in IP surveillance solutions

Smartek has more than 10 years experience in video surveillance industry, we are offering different types of solar power security cameras that cater for the needs of different application. We have successfully launched battery powered smart video doorbell, solar powered PTZ dome camera, all-in-one solar power bullet camera, solar power security floodlight with 1080p camera combo. They are suitable for places like houses, resorts, farms, gardens, garages, parks, rivers, parking lots, forests, construction sites and so on.

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